Bringing together German heritage and an American entrepreneurial spirit, Kaiser Atelier is a luxury jewelry brand founded by Stephie D. Kaiser Harvel, whose atelier is based in Dallas, TX, where she designs and handcrafts her unique bespoke jewelry. Kaiser Atelier’s pieces have presence—sculptural shape, tangible weight, and beauty in form—that make them modern heirlooms. Each ring and cufflink is handcrafted using the traditional technique of lost wax casting. And while the craftsmanship may be Old World, the inspirations bring contemporary spirit. Everything from fine art to architecture, sculpture, history, nature, and industrial design animate the stories behind each and every piece. The brand’s moniker—coming from Stephie's mother's maiden name,  Kaiser—is a nod to her deep Lower-Saxony German roots and the country’s reputation for fine craftsmanship.